About us

farm hitchFarm Hitch is the brain child of Glenn Cruickshank MD of Shanks Engineering. Glenn is from a farming background and has seen over the years the time taken to connect different farm implements and knows the dangers involved every time you leave the tractor  to complete this task.

Three Point Linkage Quick Hitch

tmaConnect easily with the three point linkage quick hitch. Farm Hitch consists of two primary assemblies, the Tractor Mounted Assembly (TMA) and the Implement Mounted Assembly (IMA).  Both are primarily welded constructions of laser cut steel plate and steel box section, galvanised to provide corrosion protection.

Welcome to Farm Hitch

IMG_0137Farm Hitch is a tractor mounted device to enable safe efficient connection of farm equipment which use a 3 point linkage.  Farm Hitch ensures you never need to leave the tractor cab while connecting to these implements eliminating the risk of injury while completing this task.